Back in the Game

Doing Let’s Plays again has reminded me why I enjoyed doing them, and also kind of why I grew tired of them.

Recording the game and the commentary is a fairly easy part, especially when it’s a game I know a lot about and that I’m good at playing. Games like Bionic Commando fit the bill for this perfectly. It’s the rest of the package that can be a bit of a handful. Editing the video never seems to be much of a problem; I just trim a few things and it’s done.

Once audio is recorded, I have to go back in and clean it up. This is something that a lot of people don’t really mention in comments, but if your audio is poor or bad, you’ll hear about it. Clicks, pops, noise, and unwanted uglies like “uhs” all need to be tended to, as well as tightening up or rerecording commentary all require a good amount of time. It’s that little bit of extra effort that really puts the good above the mediocre. But that effort also takes a ton of time, and it feels very tedious. It’s probably why I’d only do these things in fits and starts.

I’m thinking about doing Return to Castle Wolfenstein as my next LP once I’m finished with Bionic Commando. It’s a similar kind of game in that it’s a sequel to a long-sleeping series. Most people know RTCW for its multiplayer component and not so much its single player. So it’ll be a good introduction for a lot of people.

I should really go back and re-do my original Mega Man X and Bionic Commando (NES) Let’s Plays. They were done in the era of the first video LPs, back when we were still figuring out what to do. Now that we’ve got recording and emulating and doing both at the same time down pat, it’d be good to go and remaster them. But I bet laziness will get in the way.

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