Top Chef Thoughts for July 28

Well, after missing last week’s apparent trainwreck due to vacation, it looks like I didn’t actually miss much when watching this week’s episode. We’re a good way through the season and it still feels like a clunker to me. I don’t really have a standout personality (e.g. Kevin, Fabio, etc) to get behind and there’s plenty of reasons to dislike the current crop of chefs.

Kelly is quietly producing, and seems like a sleeper pick even though she was in the bottom this week due to her saltiness. Angelo is Angelo; he continues to be a prickly cactus that I don’t want to get behind. Kenny can’t live up to his potential, and all of a sudden we get three top picks this week that I didn’t see coming, especially with Ed. He’s been sort of wandering around with potential but never did much other than be catty in the interviews.

On the whole pea puree thing – they edited it in such an inconclusive way that I can’t really judge. They want you to buy the storyline of “Alex swiped Ed’s puree,” but just pull one punch after another with really coming out with it. If it really happened, surely they’d have it on film? But not showing the film creates controversy. I don’t like that. I thought this show was above that kind of bull. It also seems like we’ll never know.

Also, I know this is Top Chef DC and all, but keeping politicians out of the show would be a really smart idea, regardless of one’s political beliefs. It’s just a no-win situation.

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