Ride, Captain, Ride

Deadliest Catch is one of those TV shows that at first I didn’t think I would care for. I’ve never really been a fan of “reality” TV. A few years ago I had caught an episode on repeat, and decided to give it a chance. What drew me in was this rough-and-tumble loudmouth captain with a heart of gold. His interactions on his boat, his skill, and character is what got me to seriously watch Catch on a regular basis.

That captain was Phil Harris.

Tonight’s episode of Catch will chronicle Phil’s death due to complications of stroke. Watching this season, knowing the outcome already (Phil died back in February) has been a little tough. It’s always been waiting for the other shoe to drop that has been a bit taxing. Watching the scenes of his sons argue on tape has been very hard. They’ve had their ups and downs, but the portrayals on TV have been of a family that sticks together.

I only knew Phil as a character on a TV show, but he wasn’t just a character, he was a real person. I hope his family can overcome this awful situation and treasure the memory of their father for the big-hearted man that he was, flaws and all. Rest in peace, captain.

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