They Call Him Mello Yello

Something interesting has returned to the shelves in the northeast. Yes, it’s the also-ran Mountain Dew competitor, Mello Yello. It’s back here in the Northeast, for some reason I have yet to discern. So, ever the experimenter, I had to buy some cans of it.

Mello Yello is, well, yellow. I haven’t had one in fifteen years or so, and I’m not sure if the yellow has changed at all over the years. The drink tastes like… well, I’m not quite sure what it tastes like. It had been too long since my previous Mello Yello to have any sort of memory of the flavor. It’s OK. It’s a citrus soda. Tasty, I suppose. It’s less syrupy than Dew, hence… the name. I’m not sure how else I could describe it. It’s inoffensively neutral. It makes no stand for flavor other than being a standard citrus soda. It’s certainly not a bad drink. I wouldn’t refuse one, and I’ll certainly finish what I bought. But what makes one seek out this drink? I do not know. Maybe it’s better with real sugar. Wouldn’t surprise me, many things are

The Return of Mello Yello is quite neutral, and make sure you tell your wife you said hello after drinking one.

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