Top Chef Thoughts for July 7

Hey tubes, the chefs are back, and they’re back big! Or not. That had to be one of the most anticlimactic episodes I’ve watched in a long time. No matter what mental gymnastics the judges did to try to pull down Kenny and Kevin (and Kevin was clearly the weaker of those two), Arnold and Lynne clearly had the biggest culinary abortion of the night. They missed the spirit of the challenge and the execution problem on the pasta was a magnificent sin compared to no having enough au jus for Kenny’s beef.

Ignoring the fact that squid ink pasta would not be served on a Hilton menu (I mean, come on, this is for room service, it’s got to be tasty AND easy to prep), the dish just didn’t look appetizing. An “adventurous” diner might give it a go, but I’d wager it would flop even if it was executed properly. Speaking of execution, Lynne’s neurosis over the pasta being overdone was probably a work of editing, as we’re never entirely sure of exactly HOW long it spent cooking. Nevertheless, fresh pasta often requires a bit longer of a cooking time, and it seems like an elementary mistake for someone like Lynne to make. Not saying she didn’t make the mistake, mind you, just thought they placed a ton of emphasis on her freaking out about it being overdone. When irony is heavy handed, it never looks very good.

I liked the concept of the quickfire, but I’m not sure it actually appealed to anyone. I mean, if they didn’t have actual babies testing the baby food… what’s the point? I did like the look of Kenny’s dish, and think it’s indicative of what he can generally put out. It looked like a good win for him.

Next week looks like even more cattiness and other drama. Not enthused, but you never know. Those magical elves and their shenanigans with the editing computers can make something look completely different compared to how it actually went down. Regardless, I don’t watch the show for drama, I watch it to see people make awesome food. The less bullshit the better. If people want to see standoffishness and catty fights, Bravo’s got lots of those terrible Housewives shows they can watch.

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