Blue Raspberry Coolatta

Dunkin’ Donuts has had these kind of Slush Puppy-ish drinks, the Coolatta. It’s their idea of a slush drink, I guess. They first started with coffee flavors, but quickly added some fruit ones (and some other tasty ones like lemonade and Tropicana Orange). For a while, things stayed this way. Last year, they introduced two new flavors, watermelon and grape. I tried both, I preferred the grape flavor. Watermelon didn’t do much for me.

Now that 2010 has rolled around, Dunkin’s has brought back the watermelon flavor, but in the place of grape they now have blue raspberry. Most will agree that this blue raspberry flavor is probably too artificial and sweet. Much like a blue raspberry Icee drink, for instance, except it isn’t fluffy. I’ve had it, I think it’s all right.

However, introducing this blue raspberry drink was but one step in the machinations of the Dunkin Donuts machine.

You see, without this new blue raspberry flavor, you couldn’t mix the Orange together with it to form… the Wally the Green Monster Coolatta. Not kidding. Of course, in non-Boston markets they’re just advertising the fact that you could mix two Coolatta flavors into one mega flavor, like strawberry watermelon. But here, blue plus orange equals the Walter Drink of Doom. Maybe I’ll try one the next time I’m at Dunkin’s, but it feels like a bit of a cop-out. I’d prefer a lime flavored drink over an orange raspberry one, I’d think. But I won’t know until I try it.

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  1. lila

    you should put the recipe. becasue then people could make it at home with there blender

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