That Darn Cat

I’m visting my parents for the Fourth of July. My parents have a black and white cat named Socks, and she’s about fifteen years old at this point. She’s an old cat, and she’s got some problems. I don’t think she’s going to be around for much longer. Still, old cats can still bring a lot of joy to our lives, as much as we curse at them for their incontinence or begging for food.

My sister’s birthday was the other day, and there was some leftover birthday cake in the downstairs fridge. So I decided to have a piece of it. It was a delicious cake. Some kind of strawberry shortcake type of cake. Fluffy yellow cake, delectable buttercreme, strawberry fillings… yes, this was quite the cake.

I cut a slice of the cake and set it on a plate on the table. Before I could enjoy the cake, I had to go somewhere else, but only for a moment. When I walked back into the kitchen, there was the cat, trying to eat the cake. Silly cat, cake is for people!

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