Fourth of July Fun Fest

Blog posts this weekend may be slightly delayed due to Fourth of July festivities. Just giving you all a heads up, of course.

Fourth of July’s always been a fun weekend for me. I love parades, flag cake, barbecues, and being outdoors. Plus, it means celebrating what it means to be part of this country, something that people don’t take very seriously these days. Remembering the freedoms we enjoy and how they came about is not about waging war with others, but being able to live in freedom.

I say this knowing full well that I will kowtow to the TSA at Bradley Airport in two weeks. I’ve always had some distrust of the TSA itself and their policies. The people working the front lines don’t set the policy and I don’t really hold it against them; they are just doing their jobs. However, there is something degrading these days about the security checks before airplanes. Terrorist attacks didn’t happen because of boxcutters; they happened because of a mentality and failure of law enforcement. Throwing everybody’s drinks away and forcing people to remove their shoes aren’t going to make us safer; rather it generates the illusion of security that is presented day in and day out.

Something tells me that this won’t be going away any time soon, because resisting is so punishing. I for one miss being able to go “airside” without needing a ticket. Assuming I pass the security check, I don’t see why not. Let people wear their coats and shoes. Be a little smarter about who you put on the no-fly list. Let very small, tool-style knives through. But this makes too much common sense, so it’ll never happen.

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