Top Chef Thoughts for June 30

OK, so last night’s episode was a challenge about GRILLIN. And boy, did they try to throw us. Arnold, going “Oh, I don’t know a thing about grilling!” and the girls looking at it with bewilderment were all lies. Dirty, filthy lies. Those who boasted most about being great with grills wound up on the bottom. Those magical elves, they sure like to play with our reads of episodes.

Tracy was booted off with her terrible excuse for a “slider.” The best of plans, as they say, often go awry. Sausage seems to be a killer on top chef, whether it’s store bought or hand ground. She at least had the temerity to go out with some semblance of grace. Yeah, we probably caught her on a bad day, but she never inspired confidence in any of her dishes. I’m not too sad to see her go, even though she seemed to have a decent personality.

This has to be the most unlikable cast next to season 2 so far, though. Even Kenny, who is less of a dick than Angelo, still has a bit of smugness/big daddy to him that might not sit well with some. Still, he’s infinitely preferable to Angelo for me. Speaking of Angelo, I do have to give him credit for what appeared to be a sincere appreciation of Amanda’s ribs, even though she totally fell for Angelo and co. screwing with her about them.

There was a lot of spazziness, a lot of bitching, a lot of potshots… the food seems to be getting lost in this. Food-wise, the bright spot was the return of my favorite guy, Jonathan Waxman. He was able to add some very insightful commentary at judge’s table and throughout the meals. It’s a shame that a guy of his clarity and stature couldn’t hold up through all of Masters, since he truly is one.

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