Air Show Annoyances

Here’s things I don’t like about air shows.

People who creep up to the fence when the main act is about to come up. I didn’t wait in line very early in the morning to claim a spot up here in the front just for you to come up and try to butt in. Move your ass back, and don’t step on my stuff either, or get in the way of my camera.

Acts that don’t taxi by the crowd before / after performing. Give the people with point-n-shoots a chance to get a picture of you, or let us wave in response.

Refreshment stands too close to the fence. These should be back quite a ways so that people aren’t crowded out from seeing the action. They have the unfortunate effect of pushing even more people towards the fence.

Not enough trash receptacles. Let us dispose our crap in peace. Try distributing these a bit more liberally around the area, and make sure they’re emptied regularly throughout the day.

Doubling up on acts. Padding out the show too much is a bit of a bad move. If you are going to double things up, make sure the acts do different things each time.

No break time between acts. Give us some time to use the john, or get a snack.

Bad lines and parking. This is just a matter of will on the coordinators. Make sure the lines for searching people are adequately staffed and the parking lot flaggers can actually communicate. This’ll make everybody move faster.

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