Chinese Food Monday

Every Monday at our office is Chinese food Monday. Our office building has some stores and such on the upper level, and one of them is a Chinese restaurant. So, out of convenience, our standard Monday takeout is Chinese. The food isn’t really bad, but it’s not as authentic as other places I’ve been, like Formosa Taipei or Shangri La in Belmont. The rice never seems to be consistently cooked from week to week, the hot and sour soup pales compared to others, and the fortune cookies are more like proverb cookies.

But hey, it’s our strange flavor of Americanized Chinese food. Nostalgia speaks again, but I miss Tahiti Takeout from back home in Pittsfield. No place around here seems to do what they do with their sports specials. Yes, lunch specials are around, but it’s a case of “Meat/vegetables, Rice, Chicken wings, and soup.” I would much rather get a Bowler’s special, which is a box of rice (fried or otherwise) or noodles, 007s (golden chicken fingers or whatever other people call them), a stick of beef and chicken, and some boneless spareribs. Nobody around here does this, which baffles me. It’d sell like hotcakes, especially because you can make it less or more expensive by removing one item at a time. That’s what Tahiti does with their sports specials, and it seems to work out well enough for them.

Also, I’ve always had a strange feeling about most Chinese buffets. They all seem to be about the same, with menus printed by apparently the same company and plates of very similar, kind of meh food. I dunno. Perhaps it is wise to be cautious of them.

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