Aroo! It’s back!

Yup, Futurama is back, and it’s awesome. Last night was the premiere, and I’m not sure what I could say about it that others haven’t said. The first episode was good, but the second episode was great. It was as if they hadn’t stop making it. Yes, some things were different, but overall the tone was good and funny.

There was one thing that bummed me out a bit, though, and that was the fact that I noticed a lot of animation errors. I hope this isn’t a trend, but given that all of the animators are back with severely reduced pay for all, I don’t hold much hope. Another flaw is that I haven’t watched them repeatedly, so I can’t quote them at will. That will be fixed with time.

So, go watch Futurama. Don’t forget your molten boron, either, since nobody doesn’t like it!

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