Top Chef Thoughts for June 23

“Listen all y’all, it’s a sabotage!”

Yeah, I buy that angle that Angelo was trying to torch Kenny. It was a complete, total sandbag that was designed to work like a toss without overtly being a toss. I’m a bit disappointed, actually, that someone with the skills and talent of Angelo would try to pull something like that. Also, by doing so, he quickly broke his “I want to win all of the challenges” boast. I don’t think Angelo will be endearing himself to a lot of people.

The Quickfire was an interesting concept. Basically like a three legged race, except with sharp knives. But that’s not really the meat here, the important thing is the EC. Man, that’s a tough challenge. It’s got a gimmick, it’s got a tight budget, and it was definitely going to force people into places they were not comfortable in being.

I’m not really all that sad to see Jacqueline go. She made a cardinal mistake of Top Chef neophytes, and that’s trying to rescue something that’s bad by betraying the spirit of the competition. Two pounds of sugar will not just magically make it less starchy, it’ll just mask the taste with sweetness. This is, by the way, what the spirit of the challenge was meant to avoid. Chef Tom’s blog post on Bravo’s website this week really goes in depth on the subject, and has given me a bit more info on it. He’s passionate about school lunch, and I agree with him about the stigmatization of free lunch, which is wrong.

I’ve been conversing with people who think that Amanda’s sherry chicken was a bigger crime than Jacqueline’s awful dessert. Amanda spent a ton of money on something that was against the spirit of the competition, but I guess her chicken at least had some nutritional value. Jacqueline’s pudding? Not so much.

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