Twitter’s One Flaw (to me)

Twitter probably has a lot of problems for its users. My problem is pretty simple – no client I can find (except for Adium on my Macs) can display the timeline in normal chronological order. Everything else mimics’s reverse chronological timeline, showing the newest stuff at the top.

Now, I know “having the newest thing at the top” is easy when you’re looking at something for the first time. You want to know the newest thing somebody said, so it’s easy to have it at the top. However, for someone who checks their timeline and wants to read things in the order that they happened, reverse chronological is a real pain to read. Ideally (and this is what Adium does, incidentally), I’d like to open up my reader of choice, get plopped down at the last tweet I received, and then start reading downwards, following all the conversations as they progressed.

Does this make sense to people? How hard is it for someone to include an option for reverse chronological order? It’s just a list of items, sort them inversely. Given that you have to scroll to find your last place in the timeline, scrolling up then reading down is a lot more intuitive than scrolling down and reading upwards. It takes less effort to read which ultimately makes it easier to use.

The irony, of course, is that this blog has the same problem. However, if you want to read something in chronological order, I’ve got the archives feature that gives that to you right off the bat. WordPress also lets you post in normal chronological order as well. So… twitter developers, get to work on that.

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