The Hangar

At my office I’ve got a collection of model airplanes. Since I like airplanes, people think it’s a good gift idea to send me models. It’s not a bad idea, but my hangar (read: a bookshelf) in my office is starting to get a little cramped. Here’s the current inhabitants.

Hogan Wings 1:200 747-8 Intercontinental Boeing Colors – The new 747-8I is just entering final assembly but that doesn’t stop people from making models, obviously. This one’s in Boeing house colors, the wavy blue stuff. I would have preferred Lufthansa, but at the time the only models available were the House Colors ones. The model guys didn’t reproduce the house colors 100% – it’s missing a gradient. Comparing it to a photo of a real Boeing house jet reveals the flaw.

Lego 1:100 787-8 – Does this really count as a model? I suppose it does. Lego released a 787 kit a few years ago, and it’s an OK kit. It has some flaws, like the wings having no dihedral and the nose being a little too tall. However, it uses 99.9% standard lego parts and it is the biggest model I have, so that has to count for something.

Skymarks 1:150 Northwest Airlines 757-200 Winglets – This model originally came without Winglets, even though when I ordered it I was promised them. Skymarks sent me a new pair of wingletted wings. Unfortunately, they were not painted. So I did what any esteemed plane fan would – I painted up the winglets to match the Northwest red. It’s not as good as if they were original, but it’s pretty darn close. Now these planes have gone the way of the dodo thanks to the DL merger, and it’s a good memory of BDL-AMS for me.

Skymarks 1:150 Delta Air Lines 767-300 Habitat for Humanity – This one’s a special scheme jet and it’s also one of Skymarks’ big-scale models, which for 767s is unusual. It’s painted in Delta’s special blue color scheme representing Habitat for Humanity and their contributions to that organization.

Hogan Wings 1:200 Airbus A380 Airbus Colors – The Superjumbo is represented here in Airbus’ house colors, which are not as interesting as Boeing’s house colors. This is another case of “an airline I really wanted not being available,” as I would have preferred a Qantas or Lufthansa color scheme. Still, it’s highly detailed and pretty darn cool.

Skymarks 1:200 KLM McDonnell-Douglas MD-11 – One of my favorite color schemes on a favorite plane, it’s appropriate that my MD-11 is in the KLM blue and white. The only unfortunate bit is that the number two engine is not as high quality as other MD-11 models.

Skymarks 1:200 Delta Air Lines Boeing 777-200LR – I bought this model right when Delta introduced their 777-200LR service. Unfortunately, it is not marked with “Spirit of Delta” decals. Still, it’s in the new color scheme and was my first model to have spinning engines. It was a tick up in quality for Skymarks.

IDT Jets 1:200 Skybus Airbus A319 – This one came “for free” when I ordered a model from a shop. I guess they wanted to get rid of them. Skybus is a loud orange colorscheme, and it’s notable for bringing service to Westover airport, so it has some kind of significance to me.

Gemini Jets 1:400 Lockheed C-5 Galaxy – This Galaxy model is of one that belongs to Westover’s Patriot wing of the Air force reserve command. It’s a die cast metal model and is accurate to even having a little Patriots logo on the tail. This is another sentimental one, as Westover is a base that was local to me for a long time.

Hogan Wings 1:200 Northwest Airlines Airbus A330-300 – The Northwest A330s are a favorite of mine, servicing the daily BOS-AMS route. Now they’re all in new Delta paint. Hogan’s got the sparkly color-shifting Northwest nailed here, and the paint quality seems better than the Skymarks 757.

Skymarks 1:137 American Airlines 737-800 – this one is an oddball scale. Skymarks tends to make bigger scales of the narrowbody jets. You can still get in-scale models from elsewhere (say if you want a complete 1:200 fleet) but I guess people prefer bigger models. Skymarks uses a silver paint to simulate American’s polished metal colorscheme. It works, I guess, but it’s not as cool as some other models which use a kind of metal bonding to the model to produce a true shiny American Airlines color.

Skymarks 1:200 Air France Concorde – It’s a baby, but it’s still one of the sleekest jets and I’m glad to have it in my stable.

Skymarks 1:80 American Airlines Douglas DC-3 – Here’s a classic prop here. It’s in the old-style American scheme with two moving props. It uses the same paint as the 737-800, but has more “cool” factor simply because it’s a DC-3.

Skymarks 1:200 Air Canada Boeing 777-300ER – For a long time this was one of my biggest models, but now it’s been outpaced by the 747-8 and the A380. It has full landing gear but no spinning fans in the engines. Definitely one of the more colorful planes in my fleet!

Skymarks 1:200 Delta Air Lines Boeing 767-300 – This is in the old “Wavy Gravy” Delta color scheme. It’s fairly nondescript. Just a 767 here!

Skymarks 1:200 AeroMexico 787-8 – This is one of the first runs of 787 models. It has spinning fans but no wing decorations (e.g. metal painted slats). It’s in AeroMexico’s newest scheme which has grown on me a bit… even though they clearly swiped something from UPS when making it.

Toys – I’ve got some small metal toy planes hanging around. There’s a Continental 737-800, United 747-400, American 757-200, and a Douglas KC-10 tanker. These are basically just Matchbox airplanes. They’re not of the same quality as real 1:400 scale die cast models, but they are neat nonetheless.

1:200 Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird – I don’t remember who made this model, but it is diecast metal. I picked it up at the Udvar-Hazy center gift shop, as it seemed to be the highest quality of the ones that were available. It’s metal and you can even look into the cockpit.

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