TV Music

You know what is missing from a lot of television these days? Live orchestra soundtracks. There’s so much synthesized music and soundtrack-picking that a series that goes out and composes its own music is out of the norm these days. I picked up the soundtrack for The A-Team yesterday, and that was for the TV show, not the film. Mike Post and Pete Carpenter did a lot of great music for that show that was probably not enjoyed by a lot of people outside of its original context of TV. It’s very nice to listen to, though, as you can see how Post and Carpenter developed the motif of the A-Team music. They’ve actually done plenty of music for other shows, but I’d wager that their most recognizable track is the theme song to the A-Team.

I love incidental music from things like shows and movies. It’s an integral part of drawing tension and enhancing mood. It’s probably why I enjoy game soundtracks a lot as well. I think it’s a shame that a lot of TV music is languishing in obscurity, never to be released for general consumption. In the era of digital distribution, getting this niche stuff out there should be fairly straightforward. You don’t need to press albums. Just encode everything and watch the money start rolling in. I always liked the background music from stuff like old cartoons, and would love it if I could add it to my ever expanding music collection. I beseech you, television producers – release more soundtracks!

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