I Think It’s Gonna Be A Long, Long Time

Thanks to Rock Band 3’s inclusion of keyboards, I’ve had some time to think of artists I’d like to see more material from that is generally keyboard-centric.

Elton John – We’ve already had some Elton in Lego Rock Band with Crocodile Rock, but we’ve got the opportunity for some of the man’s greatest hits. Rocket Man, Levon, Bennie and the Jets, Honky Cat, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, and Saturday Night’s All Right for Fighting would make a great Elton six-pack.

Electric Light Orchestra – Jeff Lynne’s already in the game (sort of), but why not get his band proper in there? Mister Blue Sky demands it!

Emerson, Lake, and Palmer – The progenitors of synthy prog demand noodly synth solos for all.

The Moody Blues – I think we all like playing Rock Band on Tuesday Afternoons.

Pink Floyd – Even if I have to buy a standalone Pink Floyd: Rock Band, I need this. In fact, the game could comprise of the entirety of Dark Side, The Wall, and Wish You Were Here and it would still not have enough awesome in it.

Jethro Tull – We’ve sorely needed Aqualung’s full album download yesterday. With the keyboards, tracks like Locomotive Breath are finally within reach.

And last, but not least…

The Edgar Winter Group. Gimme my Frankenstein back, damnit!

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