Rock Band Tres

I’m telling you, man, Harmonix just keeps thinking of new, awesome ways to extricate money from my wallet. Keyboards? Yes please! Harmonies? Do it. Fixing the song list so we can hide stuff we hate? Have a fifty! I’m simultaneously excited and worried about the keyboard parts. On the one hand, keyboards are awesome. On the other hand, keyboards are hard. Still, it’s a new challenge. I’m up for it.

I remember when Rock Band 1 came out several years ago. I was standing in a freezing cold line at midnight in Watertown for the midnight release. Which was really dumb in retrospect, because I just dropped the box on the floor and went to bed when I returned home. Still, I woke up very early in the morning, assembled all the stuff, and started ROCKING very hard. I thought that game was the pinnacle of music games. How could you beat that? Well, turns out they did with Rock Band 2, and Beatles Rock Band was quite good with the sole exception of being a walled garden.

Plus, the whole “teach people music” bits basically destroy the one remaining criticism against the game – that “you should go pick up a real guitar.” Because guess what? You can plug a real guitar into the game, and learn how to play real music. It’s subversive, and looking at the videos it looks like it’ll work very well. I bet Eric Clapton feels like a dope for signing with this Power Gig crap when Rock Band totally destroys it a day after their announcement.

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