The Final Top Chef: Masters Post

Well, it was going to have to happen at some point. Top Chef: Masters  has come to an end, and it was an interesting one. I was OK with Marcus winning, even though I was on the Susur train. The dishes put forth really were spectacular in form and execution. This is what happens when you don’t handicap your contestants!

In terms of which set of plates had the best story, I think Rick’s probably won on that front. It showed his progression as a master chef in a way that the judges probably hadn’t thought of before. Rayner was really pissed after the fact about the use of his venison, though. I dunno, maybe that’s a critic’s hangup. I mean, I can see the hypocrisy, since Moonen has been a green sustainability guy all season long. In the end, the ingredient was available to him, the damage was done so to speak, and Rick did what he thought he had to in order to win. I guess I was OK with it.

Susur had some bang-up dishes too. Marcus came away in the end, though. The margin was incredibly narrow, and all three guys should be honored to compete at that level. Next week we’ve got the return of vanilla Top Chef in the form of Top Chef: DC. I’m looking forward to having Tom and crew back regularly.


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