Do keynotes go into doorpads?

Today’s the WWDC Keynote, which everyone is assuming will reveal some awesome new device that, unfortunately, we all know about already. I’ve been watching these keynotes for about ten years now (from various Macworlds and other events) and they all go in a similar fashion. There’s some of what we like to call rah-rah here in the office. Steve or some other exec goes on stage, says how awesome everything they’re currently shipping is, and people cheer. This goes on for a bit until we’re subtly told that it’s all lame now, because we’re about to get this COOL NEW STUFF. Then the inevitable third party demos eat up half the time. Maybe if at the end if you’ve been a good boy or girl you’d get a ONE MORE THING and your mind would be even more blown that it was ahead of time.

Yet each and every time, it just does not get old. Some of that same excitement of the unknown creeps in every time, and I think it’s because very rarely do people get to have the stage presence that people at Apple do. Most conference keynotes are snorefests because the people on stage aren’t interesting and their subject matter isn’t all that interesting either. Apple always seems to have the right amount of swizzling going on to get people to watch this and lap it up each and every time. Too bad I don’t have that kind of stage presence; my demos are usually quite boring. I guess it’s hard to get people excited about fixing overprint problems!

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