We’ll miss you, Mr. Waxman.

Man, Top Chef. Last night was a decent episode and I’m sad to see Waxman go. I was invested in him just like I was in Kevin in the last vanilla Top Chef, and his personality will be sorely missed. Still, at this point I would not be disappointed with any of these three remaining contestants winning. Susur, despite his eccentricities to his western competitors, is one of the most clever, original chefs I’ve seen in a long time. This guy’s inspiring in a lot of ways. Moonen and Samuelsson are both worthy competitors and none of them will have an easy go of winning next week. My gut reaction has said Susur will take it.

Waxman lost because I think even with his Jedi master ways he was spent. Done. Finished. Mentally he wasn’t firing on all cylinders. He also got dealt one awful hand of words yesterday, and IMO did the best he could in the framework allotted. Unfortunately, at this stage of the game, simply being “good” and not “great” will not net you survival or a win.

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