You Better, You Bet

I just wanted to dedicate today’s blog post to my friend Ross, who recently suffered catastrophic data loss. This has caused his Breath of Fire 3 Let’s Play to be put on hold while he replays the entire game to get back to the Desert of Death. Godspeed, Rosstopher.

In other news, I’ve actually been productive in non-blog writing in the past week. This is unusual for me, but I think it’s just a case where getting into this daily writing routine has helped me out a lot. I haven’t skipped a day, even though I’ve half-assed a few. The hardest part for me in the past was simply doing the work. I could sit down and pound out a bunch of concepts, but when it actually came time to do something with them, I went blank. That thankfully hasn’t been the case lately. Now that I’m in a routine and generally thinking about putting things down in a written form, it feels much easier to leap into other projects. It’s all about setting accomplishable goals, I think. Writing something every day is not very hard to do… assuming that I’m not expected to write War and Peace every day. So I took this same idea and parlayed it into my non-blog stuff… and amazingly, it worked.

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