Top Chef Thoughts for May 26

Ignoring the ridiculousness of the quickfire (I have never liked the palate challenges and I think they need a rework), the field of champions has narrowed down considerably. This makes sense, given that including Wednesday’s episode we only have three weeks left.

Susan Feniger had a good run, but she went down this week. I’m also officially starting to worry about my favorite, mister Waxman. John just hasn’t been 100% the past few weeks, and I’m starting to wonder if the Jedi Master will stumble next week. I hope not, for my hopeful finalists are Moonen, Waxman, and Susur Lee. Even though John’s my favorite, I would not mind at all if Susur won. Susur is an example of what I love to see in Top Chef. The guy gets a challenge that falls outside his area of expertise and he just totally nails it. “Oh, Greek Gods that I have never, ever heard about? Here, let me go ahead and make some kick ass food.”

This isn’t to say that the others didn’t embrace their challenges. Moonen’s Hades could only have been topped if he had gotten James Woods on set. But that’s different from what happened with Susur and his plate. In vanilla Top Chef, people often gripe about the cards they are dealt in terms of challenges. Susur does complain a little on the outside, but he formulates a battle plan quickly and executes so often, even if sometimes he doesn’t 100% get the challenge. That was evident here, as he really should have paired up a wine with his dish to reflect upon Dionysus (Bacchus).

In the end, Samuelsson has to go next week. I don’t have anything against the guy, but the finale of Moonen, Waxman, and Susur is just too strong to pass up. Also, happy (late) birthday to Mister Waxman!

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