Wrigley’s 5 React Berry

It’s springtime, and that means new gum flavors for us to ponder. Wrigley’s first salvo is with two new 5 gum flavors, both under the “react” moniker. One’s a mint, the other’s a berry. I’ve got the berry here for a first person report. The packaging is like all 5 gum with just a slight change in color palette. Nothing really new there; it’s been on the market for several years in its current incarnation. The gum’s color is a deep night black. I don’t recall too many deep black gums, so this might be a first.

The flavor is certainly berry-like; most likely a blackberry/raspberry combination. It’s actually quite subtle, unlike other 5 gums. It doesn’t have the same kind of punch that, say, Zing has. The flavor also doesn’t seem to last as long as other 5 gums, as I found I discarded these faster. The flavor itself is pretty good – it’s just not in your face, which seems to belie the React name and the nature of 5 gum.

I’ll still have to try the mint flavor, but my guess is that it won’t be too different from this berry. For a gum that prides itself on being in your face, I think the subtle berry flavor is a bit of a misstep. If this was branded as an Extra flavor, I would probably have less criticism to lobby at it. Expectations are everything, after all.

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