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The Netrunners
Some of the key figures that help out a lot in Genesis is the team of Netrunners.

What is a Netrunner? Netrunners are people who spend too much time on their computers, on forums and video sites, to try and find leads. Dedicated net squads are a key component in an overall strategy to find and report the news.

At Genesis, there are three Netrunners, which all have different skillsets that compliment each other.

Keith Quon
Age: 38

Keith was the first runner brought on board to Genesis. A graduate from MIT, Keith was one of the members of Assembly Aggregate that left upon the Janus buyout. Back then, Keith was simply a grunt runner, and not in any position to shape the direction of what he was doing. Oscar tapped him as soon as he started forming Genesis, and decided that he would be the lead in his new group of netrunners. Keith was more than happy with his promotion. He decided that it was time to reunite his old team, the Crimson Commandos.

The Crimson Commandos was a group of three players of the famous Starnet game Event Horizon, an online game populated by nerds and online ne’er-do-wells. Keith and his buddies wasted a lot of time back in college playing it, forging a relationship where they were knit so closely they could predict each others’ moves.

Keith had to get his two old roomies, Jim Codding and Ed Maris, back together. This was bigger than just some video game.

Of the three ‘runners, Keith is the one best acquainted with hardware and electrical concepts. He spent many of his formative years learning electrical engineering and programming. Owing much to his time at MIT, Keith often makes irreverent comments laced with engineering jargon. He only makes sense to himself or perhaps his fellow runners. Even they sometimes have problems understanding him.

Aside from spending copious amounts of time reading starnet forums, Keith has a large collection of inside contacts in many industries and governments. He often acts as a coordinator between the three runners, and has veto power over what tips they decide to pick up on.

In his spare time, Keith enjoys classical music and puzzles.

Jim Codding
Age: 37

Jim is a rotund, keyboard loving member of the Crimson Commandos. Jim is a bit of an old-school type, both in his lifestyle and in his input methods. He still uses old-fashioned keyboards and pointing devices instead of more modern speech recognition and motion controls. His conservative nature is often a liability, as he is willing to argue, at great lengths, about risks. Coworkers often rib him for being a pansy.

Jim’s one of the food lovers in the office. Him and Ellie differ on this in several ways. While Ellie is more on the production side of things, Jim is on the consumer side. He enjoys tasting various flavors, and often orders out things that the rest of the office wouldn’t ordinarily eat. He is very adamant on using natural and organic ingredients. His paranoia can know no bounds sometimes, and it’s not just with food. All of his computers have several layers of often ridiculous security.

Jim was a cryptography major at MIT and is the go-to guy for when codebreaking is involved. Believe it or not, it’s what he does for fun. Nerd.

Ed Maris
Age: 39

Ed is the third of the Crimson Commandos and their communications expert, specializing in satellite and interplanetary comms. The eldest of the Crimson Commandos, Ed graduated from MIT before the others, and went on for an uneventful career with the satellite manufacturer Cinquest. He worked there for fifteen years until he was contacted by Keith to join his new team of information overlords. Though the compensation wasn’t as good as working for a defense contractor, he couldn’t resist joining back up with his old college buddies.

You’ll find Ed often buried in his office, with his large screen multi-monitor setup watching the competitors’ feeds. Radios, televisions, computers all line his walls. He prefers the carpetbombing approach, watching the competition and attempting to react and maneuver around them. Thanks to his intimate knowledge of the satellite and gate communications systems, he’s the man to go to when needing to scope out what the competition is doing.

He spends most of his free time with his wife, Jen, and two children Rene and Brent. Unlike the other netrunners, he enjoys the outdoors and often takes his family on camping trips to go fishing and photograph wildlife.

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