Top Chef: Masters Thoughts for May 19

Things are starting to wind down a bit here on Masters as we get into the middle of the Champion’s round. Susur doesn’t like being called cute, apparently! The quickfire in Masters is quickly becoming trite. There is just not enough time in it, and given the great one we had last week, it’s clear that Masters can’t really put together meaningful ones on a regular basis. Susan winning seems a bit ho-hum, because I kind of agree with Rayner – it looks a bit bushy. Alas, I don’t have taste-o-vision yet…

The challenge is a tailgate party. Both Susur and Marcus are doing it for the first time, which leads me to predict much comedy. The prep and cooking montages continue to lead me to believe this will be a failure for both of them, but in fact the judges liked them both a lot. Nobody seemed to totally bomb. I did love how Waxman told off Oseland at the table, though. I never really liked that guy all that much. Go Jonathan!

I have to wonder a bit about Susan’s win. Her food was great, but I wonder if the diners gave her bonus points due to her homer garb and local cuisine. Still, those tacos looked absolutely stellar. Taco Fiesta would be proud. Tony’s pizza, though… I’ve never had a grilled pizza, and I suppose in theory it wouldn’t be much different than a standard wood fired pizza, but something about his crust quality probably wasn’t there. I was 100% surprised at the diner stars, given the reactions. Those damnable editing elves at it again..

All I’m glad for is that Jonathan didn’t get the boot. Waxman is clearly my favorite and I would have hated for Oseland’s silliness to be his dismissal. With five contestants left, the field is getting awfully thin.

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