The Easy Button

I’ve been doing a virtual console replay of Final Fantasy II (Final Fantasy IV nowadays) on my Wii over the past few days. When I was younger, I had a few real roadblocks when playing it. Baigan, Rubicant, the four Elements fight in the Giant, and Zeromus himself. These were honest to god hard battles for me, even when I knew the tricks and weaknesses.

Yet today, I am older and know the same exact tricks and weaknesses. I blow through these like nobody’s business. Kainazzo goes down with one Lit-3 and a hit from Yang’s claws. Was he really that easy? The answer was likely yes, but that I was much slower or ran away from too many battles.

The game still has all of its foibles with translation errors and item usage and weapons. It’s very comfortable, though, like an old set of sneakers one wears around the house. But it’s so damn easy. There’s no challenge. I could probably beat it in my sleep. People criticized the DS version for being overly difficult when it came out, but for me, it was refreshing. It was the same experience, but I couldn’t rely on my old bag of tricks anymore. Stuff was actually hard again! It was quite refreshing. Still, there’s something about booting up the original on a big TV. Is it nostalgia? Probably.

FF4 will always be one of my favorite games. I just wish FF4DS went more into backstories. Also, why doesn’t Cecil refer to FuSoYa as his uncle? Even in the new game, he doesn’t seem to recognize that.

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