Cherry Crush

Cherry Crush is out in full force here in the Northeast. 20 ounce, two liters, twelve packs, it’s all out there. I decided that, as a lover of cherry flavored products, that I just had to give this a go. I was hoping it would be better than Strawberry Crush, which disappointed me greatly when I tried it back in, oh, September or so. I’m happy to report that Cherry Crush is much better and sits along with both grape and orange as a tasty soda beverage.

I sampled Cherry Crush in a 12 ounce can. I’m aware that they still come in glass bottles, but Crush in glass bottles has been quite difficult to find in the Northeast. Glass is my preferred method, but when not available, I’ll take a can. Cherry Crush reminds me of IBC Black Cherry but with a brighter taste. Black Cherry has a little less sweetness to it, while red cherry style drinks slide towards the candy side. Cherry Crush feels like a cherry cola that has only a hint of cola flavor. It works out quite well, being less syrupy sweet than strawberry Crush. Has a bit of a bite to it! The only way this could be better is if it used normal sugar and not corn syrup, but you can’t win them all.

Once you open it you get that rush of cherry scent that invites you in. It’s up front about the cherry nature, unlike, say, Cherry Coke. The color is a deep red. Not as saturated of a lavender as IBC Black Cherry, but still a good solid maroon. The cherry finish comes off quite well after you take a few sips. Unlike two of the new Dews, the flavor actually has a bit of subtlety and charm that you appreciate as the can goes on. Like all sugar drinks you’ll get tired of it quickly if you drink more than a can’s worth, but a single serving is generally enjoyable instead of requiring you to tolerate a super syrup taste throughout.

They’ve recovered quite nicely from the debacle of Strawberry Crush with this new cherry flavor. Let’s hope it continues.

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