Free Post Friday, again

Here’s another character bio I wrote up for that thing that never went anywhere. It’s the primary rival of Ellie.

Name: Suna Rondalmos (pronounced Soon-ah)
Age: 25
Species: Human
Occupation: Anchor/Special Reporter
Employer: Janus Syndication System
Born: Albany, New York
Current Residence: Gerod City

Suna is a special reporter and sometimes on-screen anchor for Janus Syndication System. One of the youngest to achieve this rank, she is one of the “star” talents at Janus… relatively speaking. She is Ellie’s rival and, for the most part, nemesis. Suna is quite attractive, and makes no bones about it. She dresses in expensive designer fashions to show off her physical gifts and impress the cameras. She is a little taller than Ellie, and a bit more model-ish in her build.

The way Suna talks to the audience is very different from Ellie’s. She doesn’t take her job as seriously as Ellie does, and often does not reflect the proper tone a situation requires. Her demeanor on-screen changes dramatically, like she flips a switch when the camera is on her. She keeps up an on-screen persona, much like if she was an actress performing the role of a journalist. Off-camera, her attitude is far different than the perky and cheerful one viewers are familiar with. She can be dismissive and overconfident, even though her actual reportage and investigative skills are not to the same level as Ellie’s. She has an annoying catchphrase that she uses frequently: “You’ll get it sooner with Suna.”

So if Suna is not as talented or personable as Ellie, how is it that, to a layman, she is the more successful journalist? Thanks to the monetary muscle and vast size of Janus, she is able to cover many more events, some of lesser quality. She has the resources and people under her to be able to help bring together a report faster, at the cost of some depth. Low hanging fruit is an apt quality to many of her stories. Nevertheless, she has won a few awards, though Ellie has always been critical of them, thinking they were rigged for her to win.

Suna is the one person that can make Ellie visibly angry with little provocation. Their history goes back a bit, as Suna was already employed by Janus when they bought out the Assembly Aggregate. Ellie came on with some seniority as she had been with a service longer than Suna. Ellie and Suna clashed quite a bit when they were both on the Janus payroll. Suna’s kiss-ass attitude with the higher ups annoyed Ellie, as well as Suna’s willingness to do easy work. After some time had passed from the buyout, Ellie quit, incensed at what she perceived to be a lack of integrity at Janus. Suna was very happy to see her go, and took much of Ellie’s responsibilities, although she never performed as well as Ellie. The two have never gotten along.

Suna grew up as an only child in the city of Albany, New York. Her parents, Arn and Sera Rondalmos, were your average middle class type, able to afford nice enough things and live in relative comfort. Her school years were rather unremarkable, a C student throughout most of her years . She eventually went to SUNY Albany to study communications, and did well enough to graduate at the end of the program. She started working for local Albany TV stations as a Go-fer, and was eventually absorbed into Janus when her current station was bought out. Suna was only 21 at the time, and was not really going anywhere other than doing the lowest level of work. It wasn’t until Henry Geier, CEO of Janus, noticed her doing the floor work at the Albany stations that he decided to bring her on to the national offices.

Geier reasoned, correctly, that most news could be delivered by a pretty face and most people would not care about the content and would instead check the news to see the on-screen “talent.” He had his subordinates place Suna into a field role, one that she had zero experience in. She managed to stumble through it, learning enough on the go to finally get some legs. Being surrounded by sycophants did not help, as she was reassured almost every day that she was doing fantastically great. Suna bought into this and started believing in what the promos said about her.

It was at this time that Janus merged with AA, and brought Ellie and other crew over. Suna never openly displayed her jealousy, but she resented Ellie for her status – she couldn’t see why this less pretty girl was getting more time than she was. Suna wanted her out, as did other people inside Janus who had a “not invented here” mentality. More and more degrading, fluffy stories were assigned to Ellie instead of hard journalism, and she finally quit under the embarrassment. Having won the battle, Suna’s thirst for power grew, and she managed to win the Investigative Journalist of the Year award while Ellie was away from work. Some say this was an organized effort by Janus to make it happen, but it has not been proven.

Suna currently does field reporting and the occasional in-studio work, filling in when necessary.

Suna’s brash arrogance, combined with her complete and utter reliance on those to help her, combine to create a person who would be totally helpless on her own. Some would openly call her a bitch to her face, but she does have a quick enough wit where she can shout down or berate a person instead of winning on actual facts. Her vanity is both a positive and a negative – she is very attractive but uses it completely for selfish gain, delegitimizing her in some eyes. In many ways she is oblivious to how her actions affect others, but she can be very catty towards Ellie and flirty with the men around her. Manipulation is not a force unknown to her, in fact she is quite skilled.

Suna’s main job in the story is to act as a foil, rival, nemesis, what have you to Ellie. She could be considered the primary antagonist, along with her employer, Janus. It’s Suna’s competition with Ellie that keeps reminding Ellie to keep at what she’s doing, so that others have a real choice instead of the empty filler that is Suna.

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