Rein’s Deli

Rein’s was a place I kept meaning to try in West Springfield. It was right by the rotary for route 20 and route 5. The schtick was that it was a Jewish New York deli in a place that wasn’t, well, New York. Well, apparently the one in West Springfield closed recently and the one that’s left is the original in Vernon, CT. Rein’s is a family deli restaurant and the fare is about what you’d expect. Breakfast, sandwiches, and free pickles round out the menu. It’s safe to bring your Jewish friends, but they do have some non-Kosher items on the menu. The decor is not subtle at all, it screams “We’re a stereotypical Jewish New York establishment even though we’re about 100 miles away!” Still, the service was decent.

I had a roast beef sandwich, which was not ordered ‘frasse (meaning overstuffed). There was still plenty of beef, onions, lettuce, and cheese on the sandwich. Their french fries are delicious, as they’re more like crispy steak fries or potato wedges with a good blend of seasoning. The pickle was definitely different, a more cuke-like taste than the modern dill pickle people are used to. Still, it was crunchy and tangy and next time I will have to try the full sours just to see how they compare.

For deli fare, Rein’s seems hard to beat. I did pick up some doodads on the way out, like Wise Deli Chips (who has those anymore?) and some imported candy. You can also pick up deli meat, bagels, and other fare at the takeout counter when you pick up your order. I also wish I knew that they had Dr. Brown’s soda, but that’s a lesson learned for the next time I visit.

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