Mountain Dew Whiteout

Wrapping up our Dew Reviews is the final flavor, Whiteout. Whiteout is, well, white and frosty. You can’t see through it like you can with a Sprite. Nope, it’s more of a lemonade kind of opacity. They certainly got the “white” part of this soda right. The flavor is more of a pure citrus than regular Dew, and you’d be OK for mistaking it for another drink. Unlike the other two flavors, it’s not super syrupy sweet. It actually has a fairly crisp feel with a good lemon flavor. Some subtlety in my Dew? Yes please.

This dew will stand out on the shelf compared to old and new flavors; there’s nothing quite like the full white drink except perhaps for Fresca. Fresca comes in a green bottle, though, which hides its white color. The two blue flavors of the previous Dewmocracy were thankfully avoided (even though I thought that Revolution was the better of the two blue flavors).

I actually think that this flavor has the best chance to win, because it’s not obnoxious and it seems to achieve what it wants to do. “Hi, I’m Citrus, do you like me?” Yes sir, I do.

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