Mountain Dew Typhoon

In part two of our three part series on these new Dewmocracy flavors, I’ve ingested a bottle of Mountain Dew Typhoon in the interests of science and drinkdom. That’s not a real word, I just made it up now to sound more important. Mountain Dew Typhoon is a fruit punch spin on Dew, and it has a distinct aroma similar to that of Hawaiian Punch. It’s as if someone mixed Hawaiian Punch and Dew together to form one drink to rule them both. Unlike Reese’s peanut butter cups, though, this combination isn’t as good as its individual parts.

Typhoon starts off with a berry pineapple scent that wafts to your nose when you open up the drink. This is a bit different than Distortion, which didn’t have a smell too distinct from regular Dew. The first sip is a hit of oranges, pineapples, strawberries, and whatever else they felt like putting in there. It’s sweet and powerful. The first impression is that it’s better than Distortion in that the fruit punch flavor feels front and center without overpowering you. That’s only at first; as the time goes on and you drink the rest of the bottle you’ll tire of it pretty quickly. Most people might ditch Distortion after the first swig; Typhoon will lose you about halfway down the glass. There’s a ton of sugar (or, I should say, corn syrup) in this drink, and it just doesn’t go down as smooth as a nice glass of Hawaiian Punch does. I’ve had Fruit Punch sodas before (Adirondack makes a great one) but this one is trying to be loud and obnoxious, and I think it reached too far. I do like the idea of Fruit Punch sodas, but in general Mountain Dew is swinging way too far in the syrupy, oversugared range these days. Mountain Dew Throwback was a refreshing change, and it’s a shame that they’ll try to peddle these new flavors instead of the successful Throwback.

The flavor reminds me of Mountain Dew’s Red Game Fuel, which tried a similar schtick (and had a similar orangeish red color to boot). It wouldn’t surprise me if this was a close relative to it. I haven’t had Red Game Fuel in a long time (and I didn’t recall liking it when I did), so that could be memory playing tricks on me, but I remember both being a very punchy flavor. The bottle and color combination also might make it tough for you to discern it from Dew Code Red (or Red Game Fuel, if you still have some around), but Code Red is a much more pure… red flavor, while Typhoon is a mix between LiveWire (orange) and Code Red.

While I think Typhoon is better than Distortion and will go over fairly well, it’s still a strong, liquid candy flavor that doesn’t do much to refresh you compared to other sodas. It’s still worth a try; odds are you’re going to like it, and it’s not a truly bad flavor, but I don’t think it’ll have the staying power of a Code Red.

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