Mountain Dew Distortion

There’s three new flavors of Mountain Dew out there. In an attempt to repeat “Dewmocracy” from 2008, Pepsi has introduced three new flavors for people to vote on. I bought a 20 oz bottle of all of these new flavors, and I intend to share my thoughts with you, gentle audience.

The first one is Distortion, a drink that’s had its green saturation slider turned up to 100. This drink’s schtick is that it’s Dew with a lot of limes thrown in the mix. Well, they certainly succeeded in making you think this was a lime drink. However, it’s just so over the top that I don’t think I could drink it on a regular basis. The lime taste is front and center, loud and obnoxious. If it had a good clean finish like a nice limeade, this would be great. It doesn’t, though. It’s a syrupy taste that feels less fruity and more candy-like, which is a bit of a turn-off to me. Again, it reminds me of that Strawberry Crush – a good start that was just turned up to 11 in the syrup department.

The drink looks like bright green slime; it’s definitely not subtle in the looks department. You might actually mistake it for Regular Dew if it wasn’t for the black label and you didn’t pay close attention to the color. Still, had they not gone so extreme with the sugar lime flavor, they could have had something that’s not really represented on the market. There’s no real lemon or lime soda; you’ve got Sprite and other citrusy sodas, but none that concentrate on a flavor like that.

I’ve still got the Whiteout and Typhoon flavors to try, so we’ll hear about them soon enough. In short, Distortion is a skip.

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