Good Luck

Sometimes, I curse my luck. Nature of the beast, you know. But today, I had some decent luck on an all-around ordinary thing.

Yesterday a water main broke in Weston, MA, causing the entire route 128 area to have unpotable water. Fortunately for me, I was far, far away from this at the time. We won’t have potable water for a few days, but I was lucky enough to be in an area where I could actually buy plenty of water. I came home with ten gallons of delicious H2O, suitable for brushing teeth, cooking, and drinking. Most of the bottled water in stores in the area has already been snapped up, and i’m sure prices will go up, up , up during the ban this week. So, lucky me.

I then cursed my luck as I had to carry all this water upstairs when I arrived home. Bah.

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