Superb Street Fighter 4

Yeah, that’s not a typo. It’s that awesome. I succumbed on my way home from work last night and picked up a copy of SSF4 at my local game store. Ran home (along with a chicken sandwich from Panera’s) and popped it in the Xbox. They did a lot of things right with this game; namely, no more unlocking of characters. Thank God. This will make going over to friends’ houses to play Street Fighter much easier. You’ll still need to unlock colors, icons, titles, etc, but you can play with Juri or Ibuki right off the bat if you really want to.

One thing I miss from the vanilla SF4 is the announcer. This new guy has no energy at all. Big thumbs down from me.

I picked up Honda (as I usually do) and it felt like an old friend. He didn’t seem to get very many tweaks, or if he did, I haven’t found them yet. Since they haven’t taken any of HD Remix’s balance tweaks into play, he’s still tough to play against anyone with a projectile. I really miss that jab torpedo that goes through fireballs. Sigh. Overall, I really like the changes they made to the game, specifically the online modes. The lack of good online in SF4 really killed the game’s long term appeal for me. SSF4 has fixed all of the problems and even added more new stuff I wasn’t expecting. Good work, Capcom.

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