Desk Things

Every person who has a desk job needs to have things at their desk that aren’t just things to get their job done. These aren’t just desk toys or doodads, though – these things could save your bacon. Perhaps literally and figuratively, if you like having desk-accessible bacon.

Emergency Lunch – Nobody wants to go out of the office, you forgot your normal lunch at home, and the cafe across the street is closed. What do you do? The answer is emergency lunch. Whether it’s ramen (or some other form of freeze dried noodle), Easy Mac, granola bars, whatever. You need some form of emergency lunch just in case you get screwed.

Spare Car Key – just in case you’ve locked your key in the car. If you’ve got separate door/ignition keys, this is easy – just make a cheap copy of your door key and leave it in your desk. If you’re dumb enough to lock yourself out at work, you can easily rescue the car without calling AAA.

Duct Tape – This one is fairly self explanatory. It’s cheap and easy to keep around. Why not? It’s one of the ultimate butt-savers.

USB Thumb Drive – Even if you keep one on your keyring or in your pocket. It’s a case of “You just never know.”

AA batteries – Whether you use a wireless mouse or some other doodad, having some spare batteries around is not a bad idea.

Pocketknife – This should really be in your pocket, but why not have a desk backup knife? Preferably a larger one that is a multitool with pliers. This way you can have nearly anything at your disposal if you have a computer or perhaps other emergency.

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