Things Nobody Talks About Anymore

Something I’ve been thinking about lately are things that are fairly recent, yet people seem to have forgotten.

Xena, Warrior Princess and Hercules – For a period of time these shows were some of the hottest hours on television. Then Kevin Sorbo was a running joke and Lucy Lawless wasn’t hot anymore. You don’t even see them on reruns anywhere. It’s not like these are the only TV shows that time have forgotten, though.

P.B. Crisps – Remember these things? Cookie-shaped peanut shells filled with peanut butter. Planter’s put a huge amount of advertising into these, and for what? For them to disappear in a few years. From what I could tell, they were fairly popular. Speaking of Planter’s…

Cheese Balls in a Can – Remember when you went to a party, say, for the Super Bowl or something like that, and there was always one guy who bought the can of Planter’s cheese balls? As far as I know these were always pretty popular.

The Matrix – I think the Wachowski brothers are classic examples of “hit it big on accident with no idea on how to capitalize on their success.” They took an original idea and ran it into the ground. Guess it goes to show that you can be lucky once, but to be good you have to be able to repeat.

Unsolved Mysteries – Yeah, Robert Stack is dead, but can’t we wrap these things up? Maybe they were solved, or maybe there’s MORE unsolved mysteries. This, and Rescue 911, was Reality TV before Reality TV was invented as we know it.


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