Taqueria el Amigo

Tucked away into a nondescript building on Willow street, Waltham’s Taqueria el Amigo is one of the hidden gems of Mexican food in the area. Taqueria el Amigo has some of the best tacos and other Mexican cuisine in the area. You can sit down at a table, get some tacos, and enjoy a bottle of Mexican soda for a very low price.

The tacos especiales are a good deal, with your choice of meat. No fish tacos here, but there are some more… esoteric options, to say the least. When you walk in, you’ll notice how cramped it is inside. Still, it has a nice ambiance since it is clean and tastefully decorated. You can either order up front or sit down and the very friendly server will attend to you. It’s cash only, so don’t forget to stop at the ATM beforehand.

One big plus is the Mexican soda. Coke and other cans are available, but why not get a bottle of mandarin orange or Mexican cola instead? It helps add to the experience. There’s complimentary chips with I assume to be homemade salsa; they’re both quite delicious when combined together. I would highly recommend using the spoon provided with the salsa since the salsa cup is not big enough for dipping.

The carne asada in the tacos especiales was tasty, as were the fresh cilantro, onions, and avocado. The one qualm might be that the carne asada was a little dry, but that is most likely a luck of the draw thing. We’ll have to see how it holds up the next few times I go. Maybe I’ll try chicken tacos instead. Still, this is a great place if you have a hankering for Mexican and just can’t find the authentic experience elsewhere.

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