Sunkist Solar Fusion

Sunkist has a new flavor of orange soda out. It’s Sunkist Solar Fusion. It’s more see-through than regular Sunkist and it certainly tastes different. It’s definitely a different spin on orange soda; moreso than Mountain Dew LiveWire, which was some bastard mixture of lemons and oranges. It actually reminds me a lot of Cactus Cooler, which I wish I could desperately get up here in the northeast. It has a mixture of orange, pineapple, and “something else” in the mix. I’m not quite sure what that something else is. Melon?

I mean, the soda is tasty, but I think I’ll stick with my standard orange soda until I can some day import Cactus Cooler.

This stuff reminds me that I can no longer buy Dole orange pineapple juice in the 64 ounce can. Where did that stuff go? I really liked it.

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