Take Me Out To the Bays Ball

I have today off from work. I have it off because I am going to the 11 AM Red Sox game. 11 AM, you say? Yes, the morning baseball is a Patriot’s Day tradition. What’s Patriot’s Day, you say? Patriot’s Day is a state holiday in Massachusetts (and Maine). It commemorates the first battle at Lexington and Concord. Since many places have three day holidays (but not my office; I simply took a vacation day), the Red Sox have a ball game in the morning.

It’s also the day where the Boston Marathon is run every year. So there’s quite a bit going on today! It’s too bad that the volcanoes have closed most of the European airports, or I would have done some afternoon spotting over at Logan Airport. Without any widebodies, I’d just see the same stuff I saw at BDL last week. A shame.

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