Homemade Lumiquest Knockoffs

Today my friend Tony and I spent the afternoon creating our own knockoff lumiquest style diffusers. This post is so late because I couldn’t write it until after we finished making them. We pretty much eyeballed it and drew them out without much of a reference besides a picture on a website.

We used the following for materials: Velcro, black felt, white and black thin foam, spray-on glue, and rubber gloves. Why rubber gloves? Well, we needed to make speed rings. Aside from gluing two pieces of veclro together, we needed a tacky surface to grip to the flash body. As it turns out, latex rubber gloves have a fairly tacky surface to them. We cut a strip out of a glove, glued it to the velcro, and cut it down. When attached to the flash you would never know the difference. As it turns out, it grips pretty well.

The diffusers work pretty well. The only flaws in our 1.0 versions is that they are not easy to adjust position-wise and that they will probably fall apart pretty quickly. Assuming the glue holds up, they’ll at least be useful for a while. The lessons we learn will be integrated into the 2.0 versions. Some longer “wings” on the side should allow for better positioning. Maybe if we had a sewing machine we could stitch the material together, which would probably hold up pretty well, all things considered.

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