Coke Bottles

Have you noticed that Coke bottles, the two liter varieties, have gone back to their contour bottle design? I remember a short fling with this design back in the 90s; Coke reverted to the round design fairly quickly. I’m not sure how I feel about this. The bottles are more unwieldy in the contour design because it just can’t fit in one hand easily. The older straight bottle is actually easier to grip. Hell, even nontraditional Coke products like Sprite and Fanta have contour bottles now.

I generally don’t care for plastic bottles. They leech flavor and are squishy. Plus, manufacturers modify their soda’s carbonation because plastic loses the carbonation faster. Give me glass or cans any day.

How about milk in cartons? I’ve noticed that very few companies make milk in cartons anymore; plastic has apparently won the day on that front. I drink Hood milk which uses an opaque white bottle, which claims to keep milk better longer since it blocks out light. Apparently light is harmful to milk. Who knew?


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2 responses to “Coke Bottles

  1. Terri

    Fun fact: sunlight curdles milk and changes its color.

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