Dirty Windows

Right now I’m sitting in the soon to be decommissioned terminal B at Bradley Airport. Pre-security there’s a nice window next to the now closed sub shop. This window overlooks some of American’s gates (as well as former Air Canada and TWA gates). It’s one of the best places to watch at BDL, and its days are numbered. But, until its demolition, I can watch airplanes in peace at these two big panes of glass. The problem is that people can’t seem to help but want to touch the glass with their fingers. Here’s a tip, people – don’t touch glass with your fingers. It leaves fingerprints and stuff behind and it ruins the experience for everyone else.

Today, though, I had a brilliant idea. Why don’t I clean the glass? I stopped in a nearby (very old) bathroom to grab some paper towels. I dampened one up and left the other dry, and wouldn’t you know it, the window cleaned up just fine. I’m now enjoying a clean window in peace.

But please – I don’t touch glass. You shouldn’t either. Don’t dirty the world’s windows. It makes them sad!

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