Patrick’s Pub

At home in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, near the circle known as Park Square, sits a small Irish pub with the best hot wings I’ve ever eaten. Patrick’s Pub, winner of many-a YMCA Wing Fling, is a staple in my visits back home to the Berkshires.

Here in Boston there’s many places that serve just chicken wings. But none of those wings ever really hit me the way Patrick’s wings do. I think it’s for the following reasons.

Sauce – Patrick’s uses their own sauces that they’ve refined over many years. Everyone’s had knockoff buffalo wings, but it takes a lot of work to really make your own flavor and execute it well. Plus, they don’t drench the wings in the sauce; the flavor is really imbued into the meat and skin of the wing. The wings are not all that messy and you’re able to clean yourself up relatively quickly.

Crispness – There’s a crispy crunch to these wings that I haven’t really caught anywhere else. Most places have that skin that feels just chewy and… bleh. Patrick’s has a nice, firm crunch.

Meat – The chicken wings themselves don’t taste like the generic bag-o-wings from Wohrle’s Food Warehouse. Wherever they source them from, they’re a winner. The meat is always tender and they’re not little baby wings either.

I’m still searching for that same combination around here. I like the wings at Wings Express and Tri-City, and Wings Over X (x being a city such as Brookline or Springfield) has some good stuff too. Still, nothing quite matches up. Nostalgia? Maybe. But everyone I know who has Patrick’s prefers them over everyone else, and for good reason. They’re just better.


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2 responses to “Patrick’s Pub

  1. Kathy from Austin

    Hi Dan,

    Read your posts on Skillet Doux and need your advice, as I appreciate your opinion. I am going to Boston for the first time with my son next week. We are going to Tufts and Brandeis, two colleges he where he has been admitted. We love food! Fly in on Friday, head straight to Brandeis and then spend the night near Cambridge. We like most foods and I am wanting to try some Boston classics. Don’t want to spend at the $$$$ range, but can be comfortable with the $$$ range.

    Can you give me a few recommendations? Hate to ask, and if it is a hassle not big deal. Love your blog and many thanks.

    Kathy from Austin

    • Hey Kathy,

      I didn’t know anyone actually read what I wrote when linking to Dom’s posts. :)

      I live in Waltham, where Brandeis University is located. Moody Street is THE place to go in the Waltham area, so if you’re around Brandeis there’s plenty to eat. A lot of genres are covered, from Japanese to Thai to Italian to Mexican to pubs. It all depends on what you want to eat. It’s a shame you might not be here for that long, as there’s so many places to sample!

      If you like Japanese / Sushi, I’d recommend Ponzu on Moody street. I just ate there with a coworker last week, and the sushi is well done, and they have some unique entrees as well. The mango chicken with noodles was quite delicious, and their little desserts (whose name escape me right now, kind of like a miniature biscuit with green tea ice cream inside) were a great finish.

      There’s more traditional fare at two pubs, The Watch City Brew pub and the Skellig. IMO, the Skellig is the better place to go in terms of value, but they are both good. Perfect for lunchtime.

      Jake’s Dixie Roadhouse is barbecue central. I have not eaten there yet, but their reputation is second to none.

      I once had dinner at the Tuscan Grill, which is a more authentic Italian experience than the Chateau down the street. While I enjoy Chateau, it is definitely American stylized Italian and if you really want that rustic taste then Tuscan Grill is the way to go. They are a bit spendier (definitely in the $$$ range) and a bit cramped, but seem a decent alternative. Biagio is $$$ and is really packed most of the time.

      In Cambridge there’s tons of stuff that you’ll find is more $$$ than not. I was not impressed with Fire and Ice, which attempts to do that Mongolian barbecue pit thing. It’s too expensive for what it is, so I’d avoid it. You could always stop by a Legal Sea Foods for some clam chowder or lobster. If you like Afghan or are willing to try something different there is the Helmand in Cambridge. This is one of those places where you could eat something reasonably priced or go all-out. I never had Afghani before I set foot in here, and came out loving it.

      If you want to try the world’s best burgers, head to Wild Willy’s in Watertown. It’s not expensive and they have great food. I like getting the Bubba Barbecue or the Annie Oakley with a side of hand-cut fries and a raspberry lime rickey. They also have other stuff too, and it’s all made fresh with local ingredients.

      If you need some more ideas, I’ll be happy to provide them. For the most part Yelp has things covered in the greater Boston area pretty well. There’s also the Phantom Gourmet which is a very good judge of food, and has good “short lists” of what to try.

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