Easter time!

One of my favorite things to be is an uncle. I get to have all of the fun of being a dad with only a fraction of the responsiblity. We can go out and see movies, play video games, eat candy, be all around fun while the real dad isn’t around. I helped put together some eggs for an easter egg hunt for my niece to find. There’s something quite fun about figuring out the right variety of contents for the eggs.

I mean, let’s take the eggs themselves. Our eggs have been around for over thirty years at this point, since I assume my mother bought them in the 1970s for my older brothers. Over the years, some of them have cracked, the shells don’t match, and countless Easters have passed them by. Nobody really cares, because it’s not the outside that counts, as that old adage goes. I’ve got several types of candy in my arsenal to fill these eggs.

The first is a mainstay, M&Ms. Little bits of chocolate are great for filling eggs, because they make a great satisfying rattle when you shake the egg. Plus, you feel like you’ve gotten a lot of candy, at least, relatively!

Then there’s the fruity cousin of the M&M, the Skittle. They are for all intents and purposes the same as M&Ms for egg filling purposes… they’re just fruity. With all of the implications that implies.

Now we get to something more easter themed, and that’s jellybeans. I thought long and hard about leaving out the black jellybeans, but ultimately decided to leave them in. Cause, well… black jellybeans are one of the disappointments of Eastertime. You can’t enjoy the good candy without the black jellybeans to remind you that yes, it could be worse.

The other thing is these… “bunny hunt eggs,” for lack of a better term. They’re marshmallow eggs with a hard shell. I suppose they’re just two forms of sugar; one slightly puffy, the other hard. They’re probably stupidly bad for you. Only one of these fits in per egg.

Lastly, there’s the Reese’s peanut butter eggs. Small chocolate eggs filled with peanut butter. Pretty tasty! Two of these go into one egg.

Yep, that’s what goes into the eggs. Now the challenge is to find a place to hide the eggs in the meantime between now and Sunday. Not an easy task, given that she is at the age where she is very good at discovering things that are hidden. It’s kind of like an arms race. She gets smarter, and we have to be more ingenious about hiding things. It’s a never ending cycle.

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