Paul Newman’s Pizza

Paul Newman (you know, the now deceased actor) has a lot of good stuff to eat with his name on it. Lemonade (and limeade), popcorn, chips, salsa, you name it. The profits go right to charity and the food is pretty good. They’ve introduced new thin crust pizzas, and I’ve got to say they’re pretty good. Cooks pretty quickly, a nice crunchy crust, and sauce and cheese that taste pretty good. Not bad for a frozen pizza.

The frozen pizza market has exploded with a lot of varieties these days. Used to be it was just Elio’s pizza squares and whatever frozen flat pizzas filled the freezer cabinet. Now you’ve got DiGiorno, Freschetta, California Pizza Kitchen, Dr. Oetker, Paul Newman, Tony’s, Totino’s, Mama Celeste… and the prices are going up, too. $7.99 for a frozen pizza is kinda steep. Fortunately, these Paul Newman pizzas are around the $5 mark.

I think what sets it apart is that the crust is actually pretty damn good for a frozen thin crust pizza. It just has a nice taste to it. Any frozen pizza can be crunchy baked right on the oven rack, but it takes a lot of good dough to actually make it not taste like cardboard. The only gripe I really have is that the pepperoni version didn’t have enough pepperoni on the pie. Perhaps I got an off-pizza, but if it’s a trend, I’d recommend more toppings.

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