Crunchy Little Bites

You know what I like? Tacos. Especially tacos I make myself. There’s a lot of fun things you can do with a taco. You can change up the meat, toppings, and shells, but you’ve still got a taco in the end. I just made some delicious tacos last night, and I tell you what, they were pretty good. Some nice fresh ground beef, crushed hot peppers, salt, paprika all into my own taco seasoning. Shredded taco cheese, fresh lettuce, chopped onions… and a little bit of salsa. Now that’s what I call a taco.

Of course, I also like making tuna tacos, which are essentially tuna fish with some spicy barbecue sauce mixed together and some other stuff thrown on top. Quick and easy to make, and they taste pretty good too. It’s not mahi mahi, but hey. It works.

One thing I like is taco restaurants, except Taco Bell. Nobody better go in there, for I had TACO BELL for lunch! I’m not sure if what they make can still be called tacos anymore. They might LOOK like a taco, but… it’s all a mystery as to what goes into it. No, I am fortunate enough to live in an area with a sizable Mexican immigrant population, with several good taco restaurants available. They all put their own spin on it too. Perhaps the only thing more flexible than the taco is the sandwich, and one could probably argue that the taco is in fact just a hard-shelled version of a small sandwich.

There isn’t much of a point to this post other than this fact – tacos are great. Go make some!

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