I Don’t Do Weddings

One thing I don’t photograph professionally is weddings. I probably will never willingly shoot a stranger’s wedding professionally. Now, this doesn’t mean that I haven’t taken photos at weddings for friends and family. I have done that before and will do so again in the future. I just won’t do that for pay; just for personal enjoyment for myself and said friends and family. No, this is about doing weddings for people I may vaguely know or even be complete strangers. I think the main reason is that I just don’t have it in me to deal with brides and their mothers. These always seem to be the ones that come out in trouble stories. Whether it’s actually taking the pictures, proof time, or making prints, the females of the species always seem to gum up the works.

Then there’s the venues, the strange limitations, the scheduling… It just does not appeal to me. I tip my hat to all of the successful wedding shooters out there, because they have some kind of patience that I seem to lack. Clearly the benefit of doing these is greater than the risk, and SOMEBODY has to do these jobs. It’s just never going to be me.

The market is also falling out under itself by cheapskates doing it at much less than what they should be charging… which is probably equal to the quality of their work, sadly. Trouble with that is that oftentimes brides tend to overlook the quality of portfolio when selecting someone. If you get someone who you think is a bargain, but their portfolio is very pedestrian work, don’t be surprised when they turn in boring prints for low cost. Pay people what they are worth, and you’ll get good service.

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