Free Post Friday

That’s right, this Friday you’re getting a post, ABSOLUTELY FREE! What a bargain!

Since I don’t really have much to talk about today, I’ve decided to share some artwork for something that’s never going to happen.

Ellie Character Sketch

Ellie Character Sketch

The story of the comic centered around a character named Ellie, an interplanetary space journalist. The idea was that she would fly around, doing cool space stuff and taking down THE MAN. She would have cool accessories like rocket high heels and nanoparticle clothing that could adapt into a spacesuit.

Basic Character Sketches

Basic Character Sketches

Here’s a few character profile images. Clockwise from upper left: Keith, one of the information guys. Erik, Ellie’s partner. Another sketch of Ellie. Then there’s some takes on Oscar Spencer, the guy who runs the news organization that they all work for. The little robot dude is Ellie’s flying video camera doodad. The fat guy is Jim, one of the smartest info guys.

Jim's Pizza Order

Jim's Pizza Order

This is just a little vignette of Erik and Ellie eating a pizza. In the future, pizza is not as hot of a food commodity as it is today, but Jim loves pizza and likes to bring it in to the office.

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