A Month With the 70-400 G

So I’ve had the 70-400 G for about a month now, and I’ve gone on two photo shoots with it. What’s the verdict so far?

Well, the verdict is that it’s awesome. It works well for blue sky as well as ground stuff. I’m really enjoying the advantages that SSM focus brings, like the limiter, focus stop buttons, and the full time manual override. The focus so far has also been deadly accurate.

The image quality at 400mm also beats the Bigma hands down. The difference is actually quite shocking. There’s less vignetting, more contrast, and the sharpness feels really close to when I had the 400 G prime. I can’t really quibble with the optical quality.

One thing I’ve noticed is that there’s only one “lug” on the bayonet for the hood to mount to. My other lenses have two lugs for the hood to lock against. This might be the source of the complaints about the hood coming loose easily. If you don’t thread it 100% right, it doesn’t have two locks to keep it in place. I’ve taken extra care to make sure the hood is both stowed and attached properly.

Overall, I’m very pleased. Here’s to hoping that it will be a good air show season this year.

United 757

United 757


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